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Fast, Affordable, Cosmetic Makeover for your Car
Stop tolerating those minor imperfections on your vehicle – you don’t have to go to a body shop or pay body shop prices to get them fixed! Auto Beauty Center’s QUICK Minor Damage Repair is our streamlined, fast repair process for scratches, scuffs, dings and dents that promises to restore your vehicle’s appearance quickly, at a price you can afford. There’s nothing like having a great looking car or truck, so let our technicians and state-of-the-art equipment to get rid of those nasty little blemishes that drive you crazy.

Here are just a few of our proven methods:

Sprayless Scratch Repair Treatment

Sprayless Scratch Repair is a patented repair process that erases scratches on virtually any auto finish. This affordable, incredible process only takes minutes yet provides permanent results. Our Auto Beauty technicians don’t use colored polishes or gels that wash or wear off after a few weeks, instead they use an environmentally friendly and patented process developed over the past 18 years. Auto Beauty technicians are part of the world’s largest network of after-market car care providers authorized to offer this paint repair process for CertifiedPLUS, the leader in cosmetic appearance service contracts offered by automotive dealerships throughout the United States.

Paint Touch-up Treatment

Professional Automotive Touch-Up, is a cost-efficient way to cover up chipped paint on the exterior surface of your vehicle. Touching up rock chips when they happen will help prevent future rust damage. No need paying for expensive touch up paint from the dealership or body shop. Here at Auto Beauty Center we mix our own paint, and can match any factory paint color with our state-of-the-art computerized color-matching process. Auto Beauty Center adds a permanent hardening agent to our touch-up during application, ensuring that it won’t chip or wash off months down the line.

All rock chips, door jambs, missing paint; we touch up the entire vehicle. We use a hardening agent with our touch up paint, so when it dries, it’s permanent. It won’t wipe out, buff off, or wash out.

Spot Repair Treatment

Our specially trained Auto Beauty Technicians are able to “spot paint” an area of damage by “feathering” color around the repaired area so it blends into the affected panel in a way that it is not noticeable.  We use this faster and less expensive Spot Repair Treatment process most often on plastic bumpers, though it is effective on any panel. Our trained staff will walk you through the estimating process and help identify the right repairs for your vehicle.  All repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

Spot Repair Treatment service is quick and inexpensive, with repairs starting at around $75.00.  Fill out a QUOTE REQUEST today!

Plastic Bumper Repair Treatment

This is one of our most popular services!  Today’s bumpers aren’t like the bumpers of yesteryear, they break with the application of any appreciable amount of force. Plastic bumper repair takes care of dents, cracks, scrapes and gouges in plastic bumper covers found on most of today’s vehicles. We fix and paint what most body shops try to replace, saving our customers hundreds of dollars while providing perfect, guaranteed repairs!

We use specialized equipment and proprietary bonding agents to repair the damaged bumper. The result is a new-like bumper, usually repaired in one to two days, and at a fraction of conventional body shop prices. We offer same-day service on bumpers that do not require painting, and we guarantee your satisfaction! Dealerships and retail customers rely on our experienced technicians for expert repairs at affordable prices.

For immediate service, call or drive in today for a fast, FREE evaluation and estimate. You can also use the contact form to the right of this page to reach us and a team member will contact you within one business day.

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Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Repair(PDR)

PDR can greatly reduce the cost of the repair and eliminates any potential problems in color matching the original paint.
Plastic Bumper Repair

Plastic Bumper Repair

We use specialized equipment and proprietary technology to repair the damaged bumper resulting in a like-new bumper at a fraction of conventional body shop prices.

Lease Return Repair

Auto Beauty Center will help you avoid costly return repair charges and pricey add-on fees. Our free inspection will identify items that need repaired and fix them at affordable prices.
Ming Mirror Finish

Ming Mirror Finish

The MING process enhances a vehicle’s painted finish giving it a Mirror like Finish lasting up to 3 years.